Whilst rubber bands, gear strapz and mover bands are a very important part of our business, we thought we would take a break and show you some of the facts behind rubber band manufacturing.

16 Surprising Kitchen Uses For Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can be used in a number of versatile ways around the kitchen to make everyday chores easier. Keeping these 16 rubber band tricks in mind can help you avoid common kitchen mishaps.

Fun Fact 1

1 - Bottle/Jar Opener

Every now and again, people run into a bottle or jar who’s top just won’t budge. The remedy is simple…Wrap a rubber around the top a few times, then give it another try. Chances are it’ll come loose immediately. Also works for gripping water bottles, baby bottles and sippy cups. Using rubber bands or the Rubber Slip-On Grip makes opening your stubborn jars easy!

Fun Fact 2

2 - Keep Apples Fresh

If apple wedges sit out for too long, they inevitably turn brown. To keep them looking delicious, put the apple wedges back together using a rubber band to hold it in place. It’s the perfect solution for a child’s lunchbox, or for preparing a fruit dish in advance.


3 - Quickly Fix a Leak

For leaky plumbing under the kitchen sink, simply wrap a rubber band at the source of the leak for an effective temporary fix. Larger rubber band sizes can be used for more serious leaks.

4 - Label and Keep Track of Ingredients

Avoid the annoyance of starting dinner just to realize there’s not enough salt. Mark the level of ingredients remaining in salt, flour, sugar, and rice by wrapping a rubber band around non-translucent containers. Bring the rubber band down to the level of the ingredient after each use.


5 - Mark Wine Glasses

Wrap each wine glass with a different colored rubber band to identify which glass belongs to who at a dinner party or get-together. Always grab the right glass, no matter how many bottles are shared. Rubber bands can also be used to create amazing DIY wine glass designs.

fun facts 4

6 - Create a Fun Centerpiece

Wrap a single rubber band around a candle or candle holder to contrast it’s color and texture. You can even add more decoration it by slipping cinnamon sticks or decorative leaves through the rubber band. Hide the rubber band with a ribbon to complete the look, then place a candle inside with a matching color.

7 - Arrange Flowers With Ease

Keep flowers arranged in a vase by using a rubber band to bunch the flower heads together. For the best results, cut the stems right above the height of the vase then simply wrap a rubber band or two around them.

Slipping spoon

8 - Secure Spoons in Mixing Bowls, Pots & Pans

Spoons often fall into mixing bowls and large pots when rested on the sides. Wrap a rubber band on the top of the spoon’s handle where it touches the rim of the bowl. The rubber grips the bowl, keeping it from slipping into the mixture.

Easter Egg

9 - Decorate Easter Eggs

Create patterned Easter Eggs by wrapping any number of rubber bands around eggs before dunking them in the dye. Both Kids and Easter Bunny will love these striped eggs. Watch Modern Mom demonstrate how easy it’s done.

fun facts 6

10 - Seal Bags, Boxes and Containers

The kitchen is filled with foods stored in non-sealable bags including potato chips, breakfast cereal, rice, and more. Keep these products fresh by wrapping rubber bands around their openings, making them air-tight.

11 - Save Money on Hand Soap

Wrapping a rubber band around the top of the pump efficiently controls the amount of liquid it releases. Hands will still get enough soap to be washed clean while using less soap and saving a few bucks.

12 - Mark Cleaners and Liquids

For household cleaners and other liquids found in the kitchen, keep track of the amount of product left in each container by marking the level with rubber bands.

13 - Glassware and Utensil Grips

Drinking glasses can slip through young fingers more times than a parent can count. It happens to the elderly and those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome too. All that shattered glass can be avoided by simply wrapping a rubber band around the glass.


14 - Secure Trash Bags

Large rubber bands are perfect to hold trash bags in place and eliminate them from slipping into the can. Can Bandz let you to stuff your can without worrying about the liner falling down and spilling your trash.

Baby proof

15 - Baby-Proof Your Kitchen Cabinets

Toddlers and babies are always on the go, but you don’t have to worry about buying cupboard locks if you secure your kitchen cabinets with rubber bands. Simply wrap bands tightly between cabinet handles and knobs to lock them in place.

fun facts 10

16 - Anchor the Cutting Board

Slippery cutting boards can be both messy and hazardous to the chef. Stop a cutting board from sliding across the counter by wrapping a rubber band around each end.

Rubber Bands seem to have never ending applications, more are being discovered all the time. If you’d like to share your clever rubber band tricks, please contact us!