X-Treme EPDM Bands

X-treme EPDM File Bands™

X-treme EPDM File Bands are non-latex rubber bands made from a type of synthetic rubber called EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer).  This type of rubber gives the bands outstanding properties that make it resilient to UV, heat, ozone, weather and age.


Each 7” X 1/8” band has built in longevity and offers a wide range of applications for home, office, and recreational use such as:

    • Active and Archival Filing
    • Holding Trash Can Liners in place
    • Securing Catalogs, Magazine and Printouts to a clipboard
    • Holding things together ready for Gluing
    • Wrapping Frozen Food Packs
    • Holding Litter Box Linersin place
    • Keeping Crip and Cookie Bags Closed
    • Bundling Gear, Packs, and Boat Accessories
    • Supporting vines, fruits, young trees and plants to trellising

The X-treme bands are available in one size, two colours and two packaging options

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