Supersize Bands

SuperSize Bands™ are designed to meet or exceed the unique application needs
of the industrial market. They are trusted by professionals for unsurpassed quality and performance.


A super-sized job calls for a super-sized band.
The Supersize band is 1/4″ thick and comes in three different sizes
12” (red), 14” (green), and 17” (blue). They come in a resealable poly bag and are recommended for:

  • Holding 44 gallon cans (12” & 14”) & 55 gallon drum liners (17” only)
  • Securing protective coverings around sub-assembled or finished goods
  • Furniture covers
  • Bundling carpets, mats and packages
  • Holding odd sizes and shapes
  • Keeping containers tightly closed when not in use
  • Holding carton flaps open for picking and packing
  • Holding breakables gently, without crushing
  • Holding glued parts together until set during manufacture
  • Keeping loads in place for transit and storage



SuperSize Bands™ can handle the big jobs in any plant or warehouse.
They are reusable and more economical than twine or strapping and eliminate the need for
expensive application equipment.


Industrial users of rubber bands generally have high standards.
SuperSize Bands™ appeal to their needs by offering a solution that is easy to apply
and remove and offers savings in time and money.

Supersize bands are supplied in three different colours with various different packaging option to choose from.
Please see the table below for sizes and minimums:

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