Sterling Rubber bands

The best value per rubber band. It has a high percentage of rubber content and an excellent count per pound. Sterling® is highly recommended for fast application and repeat use. Available standard in crepe (natural tan) and coloured rubber bands in red, blue, green High rubber content Excellent…


By far one of the best rubber bands available, Sterling offers the softness of stretch and reliable performance you expect at a reasonable price.


Best for applications requiring repetitive movement or packaging pliable or breakable goods.


Sterling® can help minimize workers comp expenses caused by repetitive banding. These bands put less stress on the hands and wrist and therefore can reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other trauma disorders.


Sterling bands are supplied in the following packaging options: –

  • 1lb bags (25 x llb bags to a case)
  • 1lb boxes (10 x llb boxes to a case)
  • 1/4lb boxes (40 x l/4lb boxes to a case)

Sterling bands are mainly supplied with a natural colour.
They are also available in Blue, Green and Red, but only in certain sizes and packaging options.
Please see the products for the options available

The minimum order is 1 case
Each option carries its own Product Code (SKU)

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