Advantage Rubber bands

The rubber band for everyday use. It has a mid-range rubber content. Advantage® is recommended for industrial applications where a sturdy band with higher tensile strength is required. Available standard in crepe (natural tan), red or green Mid-range rubber content Good band…



Advantage is our most popular grade of rubber bands. The band delivers the best choice for users looking for a sturdy, everyday use band with cost per pound savings. They offer high margins and fast turns.


Office Supplies
Household Essentials
Storage & Organization
School Supplies


Advantage bands for retail look awesome. Colourful packs help to capture the impulse buy

Advantage bands are mainly supplied in their natural colour, but they are also available in other colours.

Certain Advantage bands are available as standard in Red, other colours are classed as custom colours.

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Advantage bands are supplied in the following packaging options: –

  • 1lb boxes (25 x llb boxes to a case)
  • 1lb bags (25 x llb bags to a case)
  • 1lb boxes (10 x llb boxes to a case)
  • 1lb bags (10 x llb bags to a case)
  • 1/4lb boxes (40 x l/4lb boxes to a case)
  • 1/4lb bags (40 x l/4lb bags to a case)
  • 1/4lb bags in a 1lb box (4 x 1/4lb bags in a 1lb box & 10 x 1lb boxes to a case)

The minimum order is 1 case
Each option carries its own Product Code (SKU)

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