Slip-on Grip


Slip-On Grip allows you to add grip to almost anything. Everyone’s lives have been affected by poor grip at one point or another. With Slip-On Grip, you can perform everyday tasks with greater ease and efficiency. Just stretch the Grip over any surface, and you suddenly have the leverage and hold you need to make any gripping task a snap.

Everyone has encountered a container that was beyond difficult to open. You’ve probably tried all the tricks – beating the lid with a utensil, running hot water over the seal or enlisting the help of everyone around you for one gruelling, sweat-inducing attempt after another.

Whatever the item is, it can be a frustrating task when you need to get into a container and can’t. However, thanks to our Slip-On Grip, you don’t need to have forearms like Popeye to open that difficult water bottle.

Slip-on Grip is supplied in two versions: –
Pro Slip-on Grip (With a 1 inch cut width)
Universal Slip-on Grip (With a ½ inch cut width)
Each pack comes with two bands of each of the four sizes, making it an excellent addition to anybody’s essential bag of tricks.

slip-on_grip_4Slip-On Grip is the most versatile of any gripping product and offers you solutions for the home, office and workplace. It adds comfort to any item and resolves all issues with slipping, sliding, poor grip, or the need for more torque.

If you are looking to sell them on, Slip-On Grip’s™ unlimited uses around the home and office make them great for cross-promotions. For instance, they can be sold in conjunction with vaccuum sealed jars and bottles, kitchen utensils, health and beauty products, power tools, cleaning tools, spray bottles, etc. They could even be used with mobility aids for extra grip.

Here are some uses of the Slip-on Grip:

slip-on_grip_5 Universal Slip-on Grip Uses:

Small: nail polish bottles, hangers, hammer handles

Medium: slippery bottles or lids, color identification

Large: baby bottle or sippy cup, condiment bottles

Extra Large: canteen bottles, prevent slipping on cutting boards & kitchen gadgets

slip-on_grip_1_universalPro Slip-on Grip Uses:

Small: slippery handles, such as knives, helps grip bottles or other items when wet

Medium: sports rackets, tripod or other equipment handles, screwdriver & other tools

Large: large flashlights and power tools

Extra Large: camera lenses, large glass or steel bottles

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  • AL02201

    Pro Slip-on Grip – 1″ cut width – (Pack of 8)

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  • AL02251

    Universal Slip-on Grip – I/2″ cut width – (Pack of 8)

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