Pallet Bands


Pallet Bands are also referred to as oversized rubber bands. Economical and easy to use, pallet bands contain and secure palletized items during movement within a warehouse. No longer waste time applying and reapplying stretch wrap or tape, when pallet bands can be applied and removed in seconds. Reusable pallet bands can be used to create significant savings with no equipment and minimal storage space required.

pallet-bands4Pallet band are 1 inch wide with a thicker wall, whereas Mover bands are ¾ inch wide with a thinner wall.

  • Available in 72″ to 112″ circumferences
  • Color coded by size
  • Excellent for use on furniture or as mover bands
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Ribbed for extra holding power
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If you work in a warehouse, you know the significance of being able to quickly and effectively transport items in the workspace. Alliance provides an entire line of warehouse products, including Pallet Bands.

Pallet Bands are instrumental in both warehouse and moving workplaces. They’re easier and quicker to use than typical plastic wrap without trapping in moisture. Not to mention, they’re reusable. Save time and money and order pallet bands for your business. Check out our video on Pallet Bands then place your order below!

pallet-bands3Don’t waste time with stretch wrap or tape. Pallet Bands were designed for an easier and more effective way to move items. They’re quick to apply, reusable and allow materials to be free from the moisture usual pallet bags can cause. Click on the video to see what we’re talking about.


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