Standard Non Latex bands - Orange Colour

Protection against latex allergy reactions has never been easier.
Our non-latex rubber bands are made from synthetic rubber making them a better solution for the 3-5% of the world population who are affected by latex allergy reactions.


The rubber band for people who suffer from latex allergy reactions.

It is made from synthetic rubber and is recommended for home, school, workplace, government, and medical facilities.

It is a bright orange colour for easy identification.


Not made with natural rubber latex.

Made in a facility where latex products are produced.


Non-Latex bands are made from premium synthetic rubber for high quality and consistency.
They provide exceptional hold for medical facilities, and can be sterilized using autoclaves and irradiation.


Ideal for industrial & laboratory applications, home, school, workplace, medical facilities, medical supply wholesalers, medical parts, packaging & manufacturing.


High Rubber Content
Bright orange colour for easy identification
Excellent band count per pound
Soft stretch to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
Can be sterilized using autoclave and irradiation

Latex allergy reactions affect 3-5% of the world population. To protect from latex allergy reactions, many hospitals and schools have adopted policies to only use non-latex products.

The products below are the more popular sizes available and will be shown with the band No. and corresponding size. If you require a Non Latex band of a different size of colour, please use the enquiry form found in the Custom made band section of the website, or contact the office by phone or email.

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