Gear Strapz

Stretch it! Strap it! Snap It! – Gear Strapz
Quickly and easily secure your light loads for storage and moving.
These products are a handy accessory for holding things together and should be on everybody’s shopping list.



  • They are non-conductive and nonmetallic
  • They are latex free
  • They are made from EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
  • They are all weather products
  • They are UV and ozone resistant

Perfect for bikers, boaters, riders and mountain touring fanatics.

Gear Strapz quickly and easily secure your light loads for storage and moving.

They can stretch to accommodate a large range of bundling/organizing needs.

  • Hold moving blankets over items for transport
  • Hold protective tarps over grills, boats and ATVs
  • Bundle and secure sports equipment
  • Strap gear to your backpack
  • Hold liners in large waste disposal dumpsters
  • Secure sleeping bags


Gear Strapz™ are stretchable and easy to use. They are a versatile strapping solution that can be cut to fit most any job.



Gear Strapz ™ appeals to a wide range of users including:

  • Hardware/Home Improvement
  • Sporting Goods & Marine
  • Camping Equipment
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Automotive
  • Garage/Hobby/Workshop
  • Impulse


Gear Strapz™ are only intended for light use and have no rated capacity.
They are not for heavy loads. Eye protection should be worn while applying.


Located in the UK

Gear Strapz are available in the following sizes.

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