Custom made Bands

A custom band is a rubber band that has been made to specific length, colour or width.

When a rubber band has to be of a certain size or a certain colour, it is classed as a Custom band.  Basically this means that the factory has to produce a special batch of rubber tubing. This tubing is then cut to the specific size.  Because of the extra work involved, a minimum weight of bands need to be ordered.  This is normally 50lbs in weight normally but 100lbs in weight for specialist bands like EPDM.

In reality this means that the factory can produce custom bands to pretty much any cut width and any colour so long as the flat length does not exceed 10”. (9 1/4″ for Pale Crepe Gold grades).

If you have a particular requirement, where a normal rubber band just won’t do the job properly, then give AMJ Limited a call on +44 (0)1771 518851
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Or you can complete the more detailed enquiry form below with all your details and requirements. Once received, a representative will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

The more information you supply the better. If you are looking to use a rubber band as part of another project, it may be useful to submit images or photos to assist us in finding you the best rubber band possible. Please send images to (For huge images, we find “” very useful – and they have a free version)

For custom bands, please allow 15 working days for production. The bands are manufactured in the USA, please therefore also allow for shipping to your destination.

If you are unsure on how to measure a rubber band, please go to the sizing guide of this website for further assistance.




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