Cable Wrapz

With Cable Wrapz™ you can get your cables under control, exactly where you need them.


These products are designed to help organize virtually any cords you use around the home or office.

Made from EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) material, they are latex free, non-conductive and non-metallic.

These all-weather products and are UV and ozone resistant.

The perfect way to control, label and date all of your outdoor and indoor cords.

Never pull out the wrong plug again. Cable Wrapz™ makes cord identification easy – and their durable one-piece head fastener makes them superior to other binding products. Their self write on strips make them ideal for the home and office.

Great for identifying and keeping control of the following items:

  • Computer cords
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Audio equipment
  • Video equipment
  • Home theatre cables
  • Phone lines – (They Do not induce line noise or cross talk)
  • Extension cords
  • Fiber optic and other large cables
  • Game consoles

Cable Wrapz are stretchable and easy to use. They stay secure on any surface and come with an easy to label “write-on” area using permanent marker.



Press the Cable Wrapz against the item to be bundled with your thumb on the band
just below the plastic fastener to hold it in place. With your other hand, pull
the band end of the Cable Wrapz around the item and loop the band over the plastic
fastener to secure it.
Cable Wrapz are supplied in clamshell packs with three different sizes to choose from.
You can also choose a combo pack – Please see the table below for sizes and minimums:

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