Promote you items with a Brand-it. A silicone band with an attachment enabling you to add a tag to advertise your product or special offer.

Brand-It tags are a great way to promote your brand’s
unique selling points and limited-time offers. With
eye-catching graphics your product will be front and center
for all to see.

Unlike string labels, they will remain on the object if moved
in transit. The custom extruded silicone band will hold the
tag upright and in place from production all the way to the

Brand-It tags:
• Convey your brand’s unique selling points even
  if the sales floor staff is not up to speed on the product.
• Allow you to emphasize the story about your product.
• Promote information that might not be seen on the back of the       product label.
• Allow for promotional offers which are not allowed on the label.

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